Toolbox V1

Toolbox V1 is a suite of additional commands for Autodesk Inventor © you can use within different Environments.

If you cannot find a answer to your needs, you can propose us the development of some special commands. If we decide to go on with your suggestions, you will receive our suite for free.

Send us a request for a new command!


Settings & licensing

Toolbox V1 settings and licensing


iProperties Manager

Manage iProperties while you are designing (more)

Most used commands

Toolbox V1 is able to help you during your daily job by proposing you the commands you use the most. No need to search and search for the commands you need.

Show in explorer

Right click on a Part or Assembly or Sub assembly and select Show in explorer to open File system explorer at document position.


Toolbox V1 taks care to save your files at a specified interval. (more)


 Occ Parameters

This command is used to edit all of the parameters of all occurrences belonging to an Assembly (more)

 Visibility – By type

 This command allows you to switch occurrences WorkPlanes, WorkAxes, WorkPoints and Sketches visibility with 1 click. (more)

Mass Control

This command allows you to  control the mass of an assembly and of its sub assemblies. Results are displayed by a grid and/or by a chart (more)



If you need to see dynamic sections of a part, this is the right command. (more)


Minimum wallthickness calculation of a part. You can check if, inside a part, a minimum wallthickness is guaranteed.(more)


Dinamically check the thickness of a part (more)

Select – Connected faces

Select connected faces by color or by limits (more)

 Browser – Nodes visibility

Isolate or highlight specific node by node type (more)

Browser – Separator

You can insert a separator between nodes to better organize your browser

Derived part replacer

Replace base part of a derived part feature


CenterMarks by window

Create center marks by window.

Sheet metal

Flat viewer

Flat pattern preview from inside Sheet metal environment.


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